On “The Pleasures of Children’s Literature” (Perry Nodelman & Mavis Reimer)


This post is not the first in which I discuss my interest in children’s literature (like my love of YA fiction), and it will likely not be the last. My inspiration today is my current preoccupation: studying for my final exam in a Children’s Literature course (an Education course this time, cross-listed with English). 0801332486The textbook shaping and informing this course is a lovely little volume called (you guessed it) The Pleasures of Children’s Literature by University of Winnipeg children’s lit scholars Perry Nodelman and Mavis Reimer.

As a textbook, Pleasures is fairly rigorous and methodical. Its voice is also just casual enough that it makes for enjoyable (and informative) reading. As far as required texts go, I’ve been subjected to much drier. That’s not to say the text is perfect–the authors supply a lot of theories about engaging children with literature, and plenty of their own (albeit…

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