Raised among Books.

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My wonderful friend, Harriet sent this to me recently and it brings me such joy. It is as if I am looking at a snapshot from my childhood. I remember not being able to read until I was 7 and, always desperately wishing that I could. Particularly, as I would watch my mum laying on the couch happily engrossed in a book.

I did eventually learn to read  and by the time I was 14 I had read every novel in the local library. Each page promised me a new experience and a different world I could escape into. The wonder of  how words could create such magic has never left me.  And so, even now, if I find myself in a second-hand bookshop I am like a disciple who has met with their guru:  leading me out ignorance and into the Light.

I love that I was raised among books! Were you…

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