Review of The Knitted Home by Ruth Cross

Very Berry Handmade

“Everyone has their own reasons for knitting, but the most unexpected is also the most attractive – it takes time. The quietly meditative process of building something with your own hands is a reason on itself to learn, let alone the beautiful things you can create and be truly proud of.”

Sometimes you pick up a craft book, and you don’t warm to it. Perhaps it’s because the author’s style is a real contrast to your own, or perhaps it’s because their philosophy, their reason for creating, is so different from yours. But when I read this description of knitting in Ruth Cross’ The Knitted Home, I pretty much knew I would enjoy this book. The gorgeous styling of the front cover was a pretty good hint too!

The Knitted Home - jacket jpeg

Fabulous Mid Century Modern furniture, against a super-simple interior, plus fabulous chunky chair cover? It’s my idea of heaven. Regulars will know that…

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