Review: The Plantagenets



Guys, I am a huge history nerd. As a voluntary elective in college, I took a course on the higher Middle Ages, and I loved it (I didn’t do so great on the final, but hey, that’s another story).  But for some reason, there is a HUGE gap in my education on anything that happened between like…the beginning of time [excluding some sketchy details about Greek/Roman civilization] and roughly 1300, where both my high school European history and college Middle Ages classes picked up.

But again, big nerd, and when I saw this ARC I though oooooh, pretty, kings and English history. The Plantagenets ruled basically from 1100, shortly after the conquest, until Henry Bolingbrook (Henry IV) kicked Richard II out of office because Richard was a complete idiot around 1399.

If you’re completely bored of this post already, you will absolutely not like this book. At all. Just skip…

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