Sebastian (Ephemera #1) by Anne Bishop

Well I De-Claire

Well, um… I’m not really sure how to review this book, given that I didn’t really completely understand what the heck was going on for a lot of it, and the rest I was cringing at. So here it goes, let me know if I’m completely crazy.

So the title character Sebastian, is some kind of demon that feeds off of sex and he lives in the Den of Iniquity which is where all the demons live. Basically its the red light district of this world called Ephemera. And there are a couple of different plots going on and there are a lot of different creatures involved and I can’t even explain it.

So Sebastian is looking for some dream sex (don’t ask because I don’t even know okay) and he connects with this girl Lynnea who doesn’t want dream sex, apparently she just wants to be loved and they…

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