Snakes in Suits

Jill J. Jensen

— When Psychopaths Go to Work — 

The techno-savvy, lean, mean, perpetually changing workplace of the late 20th and early 21st centuries has brought with it something a bit unexpected. If you’ve been working anywhere during these last thirty-some years, you know the environment of your company has changed and so has the nature of some of the people in it. Whether you occupy a spot in the cube farms that dominate corporate culture or you interact with a business as a consultant, sales rep, product vendor, or other service provider, you recognize that things don’t function the way they used to. Such a situation can be good or bad, but, no matter what, it’s different, and it takes a shift in strategy and tactics to cope with it.

Whoever described change as the only constant captured the sense of uncertainty, confusion, and outright anxiety alive in the people who work for…

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