Soapbox Sunday #2 – Quit bullying Taylor Swift

xo Ali

I could end this post with the title, but you guys want to hear my opinion on this subject, right? When I introduced Soapbox Sunday to Read Me, Dear, I never said all topics were going to be intellectually stimulating, now did I? No. I did not. So shall we?

Taylor Swift is a nice young woman who has everything going for her and you need to quit harping on her. My Mom is a teacher, an incredible teacher might I add (I love you Mommy) and a few years ago she taught a grade 4 class for advanced kids. These kids were around 9 or 10 years old. I would love going to her classroom after university classes on Friday afternoons and hang with the kids and help my Mom in her classroom. I remember one afternoon she asked me if she could borrow my Taylor Swift CD. I said “Sure…

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