Spring Cleaning

Dastardly Reads

I’m supposed to be doing homework right now, so of course, I’m on my blog screwing around.  Ah…procrastination…if only you were a sport.

Anyhow, I’ve been letting my blog get cluttered and directionless lately, figured I ought to do a bit of “spring cleaning”. ‘Tis the season, right?  Next I’ll do laundry and clean the debris from my room (HAH!  Yeah, right.)

Forewarning, I’ll be moving things around, deleting useless posts, and possibly updating my blog “theme” for a spiffy new look, we’ll see.   Seems like sprucing up your blog is something you should do every so often.

Also, it takes care of one of my New Year’s Resolutions, Number 11: Become a better blogger.  Posting regularly and visiting other blogs would probably go a longer ways in helping me accomplish this resolution, but you know, I’m working on it.

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