Startups that work : a book review

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“Startups that Work – The 10 Critical Factors That will Make or Break a New Company” by Joel Kurtzman and Glenn Rifkin.  startups-that-work

I read this book planning on having a definition on what makes a startup to become a successful company. At the end of the reading, I had some insights that could help people who want to start a startup or the ones who already have one.

The book was written based on a study conducted by Joel Kurtzman along with PricewaterhouseCoopers, which studied 350 companies and interviewed Hungarian of venture capitalists, CEOs, boards of directors, and angel investors over four years about the success path of technology oriented startups.

Basically, he points out 10 factors that can be highlighted as essential steps to a successful startup by the people who were interviewed.

Here is my understanding on the factors listed by the book:

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