Teen Review — When We Wake by Karen Heale

HCPL TeenScene

When we wakeWhen We Wake is about Tegan, a girl that wakes up a century later. You may be wondering how this is possible, right? Well, cryonics is the process of freezing someone’s body after they die so in the future, if there is a way of bringing them back to life, they can be brought back. Tegan must learn how to eat, talk, walk, and live the way that people from the next century can. This dystopian novel captures Tegan’s adventures and finding in her new life and the dangers there are to come.

If I could summarize this book in a few words, it would be suspenseful. There are many moments throughout the book that keep you at the edge of your seat and make you hunger for more. The twists, the sciences, the new life that Tegan has makes you try to predict what may happen to Tegan, but…

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