The bed part two

A Twist of TT

Hey peeps! I just want my friend Catie to know that this wont quite be what i told her. Enjoy!

Kyle fell right asleep in the wonderful bed. He woke to a rumble, the a shake, then the bed split open and it was… was…..ALIVE!!!!! It enveloped kyle whole and he was never to be seen again. His parents gave up searching for him after three years. People were devestated. His little sister saw the beautiful bed and……..what will happen next? You can geuss.

Well, short part for part two but, its a story! Right now im writting a book about the street life of a cat. I know youre thinking that ill just give up, but this is a topic that i love and i have read and own about a few hundred books on cats and stray cats. So, im gonna go with this one!

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