The Casual Vacancy

Alice in Wonderland with her Books

My upper body strength has definitely increased from lugging around the hardback copt of ‘A Casual Vacancy’ by JK Rowling. That book is a beast! Managed to K.O a couple of fellow commuters on the tube by swinging my book bag which is always a bonus…


Although panned by many a critic I really enjoyed A Casual Vacancy. It’s certainly not Harry Potter but JK Rowling has written an impressive ‘adult’ novel. It has a rather slow plot line but rhythmically it matches the way of life in the small traditional English town setting of Pagford.

Barry Fairbrother is on the board of the local council and when he unexpectedly dies the town is left in shock; subsequently lives begin to unravel as people fight for the empty seat. There are numerous fractions in the community, middle class vs working class, teenagers against their parents, wives giving up on…

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