The Early Church: Early Apologists

Tb0wn's Theological Thoughts

Justin Martyr lived in Rome in the early 2nd century and is the earliest of the apologists. An apology in Greek is ἀπολογία (transliterated apologia) and does not mean to say sorry, but is instead a defense of beliefs. Christian apologetics typically included both divine revelation (the Bible) and human reason. Justin attempted to use Christian truths to explain points of philosophy, such as claiming that Plato’s transcendent God was the same God of the Christians. He would go on to claim that Plato and the ancient philosophers got so much right either because they had access to the Torah, or that there is a universal knowledge innate to humans that can allow for a certain understanding of God, which comes from Paul’s thoughts in the early chapters of Romans. Just was also one of the earliest writers to make a clear distinction between the Father and the Son/Logos, whom…

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