The Early Church: Early Spread of Christianity

Tb0wn's Theological Thoughts

Whether someone is to contribute the spread of Christianity to divine governance or by coincidence, it is evident that Christianity was quick to spread throughout the Roman Empire and beyond.

One of the factors leading to the quick spread of Christianity was ironically the persecution they suffered. When Christians were publicly executed, they would many times be called to recant their god or die. This essentially gave the early martyrs a perfect stage to preach the Gospel, and show that their faith in Jesus was something so important to them that it was worth dying for. There are many famous examples of this, notably the Martyrdom of Polycarp, which helped turn martyrdoms into legendary accounts. Persecution in general also helped the church grow, as this caught the attention of people wanting to be part of something that only the determined were part of. Being a Christian wasn’t viewed as being…

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