The Early Church: Gnosticism and How it was Fought

Tb0wn's Theological Thoughts

It may seem to us that the Early Church always believed what we believe, or that truths in the Bible are easily understandable. However, the Early Church was constantly having to battle heresies, the earliest of which seem to be Gnosticism.

Gnosticism comes from the greek word γνῶσις or gnosis, meaning knowledge. This is a helpful way to remember what Gnosticism is, as it was about seeking a hidden knowledge that the majority of people would never hear. Outside of this, Gnosticism can be hard to narrow down as their were at least a dozen forms of it, none completely agreeing with the other. It’s also possible that forms of this movement existed before Christianity and just latched on to Christ. Interestingly, several forms of Gnosticism hardly mentioned Jesus, claiming that their savior was another person, even some of the Greek gods.

Some general tenants of Gnosticism included an intense…

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