The girl with the books

The Incorrigible Hannah Faye

I take book breaks the way others
take smoke breaks:

I take my building key
and the current tome of choice,
and tuck them away inside my jacket,
sneaking out the back door
and into the

Away from my cube,
the white walls and grey carpet,
the constant clacking of keyboards
and mindless chatter
of weather and petty grievances,
I feel the sun
warming my face
as I carefully open
to a bookmarked page.

I devour the words,
breathe them in
and let them fill the void
created by the mindless work
that occupies me
from 8am to 4pm.
Ten pages,
ten minutes,
the time it takes one of the men
from across the hall
to smoke a cigarette.

Then I replace the bookmark,
tuck the book back inside my jacket,
hidden away
to preserve my secret,
and walk back into the building.

Twenty steps
down the…

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