The Man in the Empty Suit by Sean Ferrell

biblio - psychosis

You may have noticed that I don’t write bad reviews.  Maybe I just have really good judgement when it comes to choosing material.  No…the fact is that I am extremely forgiving.  My philosophy is, “You don’t like it, write your own.”

Virtually all reviewers characterize Ferrell’s sophomore novel as a brilliant concept that was misused by its creator.  At least we all agree on the brilliant concept: A time traveler travels to the same dilapidated future hotel every year for his birthday and parties with every version of himself that has been or will be.  On his 39th birthday, he discovers the body of his 40-year-old self in the elevator shaft.  A time traveling murder mystery where the protagonist is the victim, suspect, and investigator!

I know why people felt let down.  I see the same problems.  The middle of the book is weird, the protagonist is inscrutable, and…. what…

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