The Man In The Queue

Book a Week

The first book in the brand new GASTRO series of posts: Get A Sister To Recommend One. Whenever I pick a book, there’s a bit of me looking out for aspects of it I might like; it’s never truly random. Neither is this way, but at least getting siblings to bring out books they like the look of takes me out of the equation.

Just so happens that I have read one of these Tey’s books before.

Let there be nothing said about why there are so many men in anywhere associated with petticoatsTitle: The Man In The Queue
Date: 1929
Author: Josephine Tey
Rating: 1 star – didn’t like it

Summed up in a sentence:

A detective novel in which he eponymous chap in the queue is the murder victim, stabbed in the back without anyone noticing, leaving no obvious clue to his identity other than a loaded pistol, and Inspector Grant finds himself waltzing all over the British Isles (well, except the…

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