the reading list

I love reading.  From the very first book I ever read, start to finish, by myself (it was about a ballerina teddy bear, of course), I have been hooked into the world of fiction.  My mom jokes that the reason I have no common sense regarding wordly things (like unlocking doors… clockwise, anti-clockwise?  Ugh, that little key turn will get me every time) is because I spent most of my formative years with my nose stuck in a book.  I was THAT kid. The one who took her book with her everywhere.  I read in the car, I read at people’s houses under their dinner table, I read other people’s books from their bookshelves in front of them… I was obsessed.  I still don’t understand people who don’t read.  I mean, how did they learn about human matters (as my godson calls it) such as love, and hate and…

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