The Way of the Pilgrim

The Way of a Student

Franny and ZooeySo here is my first post. Bold move, right? probably not, considering I don’t expect anyone else to read this.  I thought I could start by explaining the origin of the title and the blog.  I began the novel Franny and Zooey recently and for anyone who has read the novel you would remember the character Franny.  She is a college student, who finds herself horribly restless between the desire to be ambitious and to be content.  She recently read the novel The Way of the Pilgrim in which a peasant goes out to seek the truth behind incessant chanting to find his own salvation, or Atman as labeled in Hindu culture.  Franny longed to find her own form of incessant chanting  and here I am trying to find mine.  I want this blog to be an escape for me from my days spent in class or the lab and…

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