The Year’s Best Science Fiction-Eleventh Annual Collection-Edited by Gardner Dozois

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gardner dozious (editor)-the world's best science fiction eleventh annual collection

Twenty-four stories from 1993. Favorites:

“Papa” – Ian R.MacLeod – A man has his life extended by the medical advances of the day. He lives on an island and gets a visit from his middle aged grandchildren. The generation gap is wide but that doesn’t stop him from having a good time. He even has an old Ford that’s been updated.

“A Visit To The Farside” – The Russians control the Moon. That doesn’t stop a young Russian girl from sneaking off to see her American boyfriend. This is how legends are born.

“Into The Miranda Rift” -G.David Nordley – Four people are trapped under the surface of Miranda, a moon of Uranus. This excellent story relates their efforts to get to the surface. It’s SF adventure without the old pulp elements.

“Mwalimu In The Squared Circle” – Mike Resnick –  Idi Amin challenged the leader of Tanzania to a…

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