To Kill A Mockingbird_RJBP_Part Three

Jeffery's Jam

tumblr_lqld26W7281qj4bk5o1_400After the court trial, everything seemed to be all right. Jem was about thirteen years old, and Scout was only nine. One day, Scout joined in a meeting with Aunt Alexandra, who was well-fitted to Maycomb County, and other ladies from the county. They talked about whatever happened recently. Dill returned to his home in September as the new semester started. People gradually forgot Tom Robinson and Bob Ewell. Once again, Mr. Ewell lost his job and lived on public welfare.

When autumn came and Halloween was right around the corner, Jem and Scout were preparing their costumes. Halloween usually came with lots of fun, but Scout could not foretell a terrible incident was near her and Jem.

It started with Scout’s costume, which was specially made by Mrs. Merriweather. It was made of chicken wires, and it looked like a big ham. When Scout put on this ‘ham’, it…

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