Top Ten Tuesday! (4/16/2013)

The Obsessive Bookseller


Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke & The Bookish that allows book lovers to geek out about their best reads. This week’s topic is known as a “rewind” which means we all get to pick our category. I’ve chosen:

Top 10 Obscure Series in My TBR Pile!

It’s important to note my definition of obscure, here: it’s any series that I’ve never had anybody request or refer to in my ten years of bookselling experience, nor have I ever seen them in my blog feed. Despite that, these books somehow found their way to my shelf anyway and have all managed to survive at least five library purges. Unheard of doesn’t mean not good. 6 out of my top 14 favorite fantasy books of all-time could have easily been in this list ten years ago.

Here’s some title overviews:

#1 Aurian: To the city of Nexis, where…

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