Two of a kind.

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

What an unexpected surprise.

How considerate of you to provide some distraction, dear friend.

I am alone here.

The meetings didn’t require my presence.

But images and sounds on TV. Explosions. Tragedy.

I cannot help shivering.

Once again odd packs of humans seem to be running with madness.

May braves noses and paws quickly sweep the area with their handlers.

May all be guided to safety and reunited with their missing companions.

Today is sharp contrast to recent days where I sauntered unconcerned under pink clouds.

With the cherry blossoms, there has been crowds of tourists with all their noise and bustling.

The windows have been open.

Oddly the air conditioning isn’t available even though it’s been unseasonably warm.

Windows are nice except at night.

The city noises constantly jar to alert.

And what’s with humans?

Around 2 AM they stumble along the sidewalks below making the most pitiful sounds.

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