wait for it-


of course. the pain is excruciating. indeed, simple damn words can really cut anybody like hell— well, me, at the very least.

maybe i over reacted for the nth time. maybe i was just at the peak of my emotions again (i was really really hyperactive at that moment), that even a single puff of air could knock me down, eventually forcing me to taste the dust of that ragged slope, as i roll in the deep of utter misery. and there i went: stumbling down, with only tears to flush out the ache that was burrowing inside me.

i love it that my friends were there. that their concerns were evident. but as soon as i open my mouth to try and word out whatever it is that i’m feeling, i burst into a sobbing fountain. at that point, whatever i say to them, i know that i’ll just be hearing…

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