Want to Write, But HATE Writing?

Angela Booth: WordPress

It’s becoming a busy week; we’re feeling a little like Snoopy… Discover what we’ve been talking about…

Can you become a writer even if you hate writing? Of course you can. Chances are that you dislike writing because you’re nervous. Staring at a blank computer screen is intimidating.

“Creative anxiety” is real. Entire books are written about it. I suffered from it for years. Many writers do. In my first few years as a romance novelist I went through agonies every day. My hands shook so much that I had trouble rolling paper into my typewriter.

Of course, that wasn’t the worst of it. I avoided writing when I could. I procrastinated: weeks went by when I convinced myself that I had “writer’s block.”

It took me years to realize that it’s OK to feel nervous. And that I could write anyway, even if I hated it. If you refuse…

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