Slow Turning

I’ve recently finished a series of books by Nicky Charles:


The Mating

The Keeping

The Finding

Betrayed: Days of the Rogue

I wasn’t really sure what they were about while I was downloading them but since they were a series, I was intrigued.  After reading them, I now know that I love werewolves.

What’s cuter than bonding with someone because your wolves connected in your dreams?  Your wolf is your conscious when you’re in doubt and are searching for answers.  Your wolf can guide you and pull you in the right direction when your human self is lost.  Even when your human self is devious and less than honest, your wolf will find a way to make amends.  However, when your wolf is hurting and lost, it can also lead you down a dark path.  If your human self is weak, your wolf can take over.

This is…

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