What If We Decrease The Legal Drinking Age…

The 19th Letter

Now, I figure this post could be controversial for some as it might look like I’m telling people how to raise their kids and that’s not my intention. It’s just a narrative of personal experiences of myself and of other people. But I suggest that you do read it with an open mind and enjoy it.

Disclaimer done. Now let me get on my soapbox…

Yep, it may look like I’m encouraging teenage drinking, but let me explain myself. Hope you’re comfy where you are, I might take a minute. It started a few weeks ago when my government wanted to increase the legal drinking age. Yes, MY government. I love my country so much, I act like I own it. It actually got me thinking as to whether it will solve our drinking problem. Obviously, I thought it wouldn’t.

What you need to be actually doing is decreasing the…

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