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You may have noticed there have been a couple days I’ve missed updating on lately. Wednesday and Thursday were because my internet connection wasn’t working, Saturday was less of “a mere inconvenience” and more “argh argh ouch”. As I mentioned last Sunday, I have a broken tooth that hasn’t been yanked out yet. The antibiotics were supposed to take the infection level down to a point where I wouldn’t be feeling pain, but apparently they weren’t strong enough. And I’m becoming tolerant to the Vicodin (yes, after a single week; my system adapts fast.) So there have been times when it’s been a little hard to focus on watching a movie, or writing a review of one. And with my sleep disrupted, I’m not always sure just when I’ll be awake; if I can sleep, I’ve generally been doing so.

I’m hoping to get the dentists at the Indian Health…

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