Why I blog

Musings from the Pigeon's Nest


As a kid I always wanted to one of those people who could write a diary.  I tried and tried to fill notebook after notebook, but quickly realised that I only used them to make scheduled timed to do lists. Yup…that scary anal kid turned into a scary anal adult. I still make time scheduled lists, but I now have realised that it’s okay not to schedule bathroom breaks and to let them happen naturally….I am getting better….see?

For me the reason why I blog has evolved as much as the physical blog itself. I began blogging as an outreach. I had had a time in my life where I had become very hermit like, shunning company to sleep and generally be a downward-spiralling miserable faceache. I began my blog when I moved to a new part of the country, where I knew pretty much nobody, to ensure I didn’t…

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