Why I’m Not More Of A Console Gamer…

Harbinger Zero

First up – I decided for sure after all that’s happened in the last month that I would like to open up a little more about myself and finally do those Twenty Days of Blogging I keep putting off.

Some anecdotal evidence for you on the OP though…

I play Battlefield 3 once a week with some Real Life(tm?) friends.  Sometimes its just two of us and sometimes up to four.   And I do enjoy the game…most of the time.    But here is how last night went:


Attempt #1:  Server won’t let me join because I don’t have the correct DLC (but I do have it).

Attemot #2:  Game freezes and crashes

Attempt #3:  I miss taking the last spot on the server by less than five seconds, now I have to wait in a queue while my friend plays.  After five minutes of waiting, an admin on the…

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