Wolfhound Century by Peter Higgins

The Blog By Ben Whitehouse

In the interest of Full Disclosure I was sent a free copy of Wolfhound Century by the publisher to read and, if I really wanted to, review. If you’d like me to read a book [and maybe even review it] feel free to get in touch. Can’t promise I’ll fall in love with your book. (I’ve only ever not reviewed one book because it was totally the wrong fit for me; to review it would have been unfair as it would have been short sentences of me trying my best to be polite)

So, Wolfhound Century. I’ve read a couple of books recently (and sorry Mum for using a swear) that fall into the category in my head of “Batshit Crazy”- books so audacious in their conceit that when you describe even just the slightest amount of plot to someone they look at you with a quizzical “Have you gone…

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